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Lana Bamiro

A life & career coach, teacher, speaker, & healthcare leader. A self-proclaimed prodigal son of God, a husband & father. A social entrepreneur with a passion for intentional living.

Tosin Ogundare

An engineer, philosopher, musician, and scholar. Practicing mathematician with a focus on physics-based machine learning & sensor analytics. A lover of words, and a voracious reader.

Kristoff Baggan

Kristoff has written creatively for nearly a decade, earning is degree in English Education from SUNY, Oneonta. Having grown up in New York, he has recently relocated to Nashville, TN with his wife and pets.

About Us

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Birth with a passion to deliver words that will change lives, BG Publishing Company (aka BG Publishing Co.) intends to shape lives with words- written, spoken, sang, in print, and digitally. 

Creating an avenue for self-published creators to express themselves with as much rights as possible, whilst reaching a vast audience, BG Publishing Co. was made for you.

In The Press



Do you have a finished manuscript and need help publishing on Amazon, Audible, and other avenues?


Do you have a near finished manuscript and need help wrapping things up with professional editors?

Ghost Writing

Do you have a concept for a book that you want fleshed out into a whole manuscript that can then be published?

Word To Print

Do you have a series of sermons, talks, or teachings that you want turned into a book? Send our way to get it done.

News and Events


For any media inquiries, please contact agent:

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